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The Natural Way-Wood Hot Tubs

Get Back to Nature

Our hot tub line features Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Teak. The qualities of wood, it’s beauty, workability, strength, natural rot resistant oils and sweet aromas make it the perfect material for a natural hot tub.

These materials come from sustainably harvested trees.

There is nothing like getting back to nature in a classic wood hot tub!

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Benefits of wood hot tubs:

  1. The beauty of natural wood.  Relax in harmony with nature surrounded by the sweet aroma of natural wood.
  2. Deep soaking: These tubs are designed deep, with the water coming right up to your shoulders, giving you complete immersion and a feeling of buoyancy.
  3. Health: Deep soaking in steaming water has long been proven to stimulate circulation, reduce stress, relax sore muscles, help with insomnia, and aid with common joint pain such as arthritis.
  4. Simplicity: Your own quiet refuge in your backyard.
  5. A fun family activity:  Socialize and relax with your family in the outdoors – soaking in a hot tub is good clean fun!
  6. Reduce stress:  Soak the troubles of your day away as you do something soothing for yourself.
  7. It is assembled on site:  This allows your tub to be placed just about anywhere, so there are no problems getting them situated into difficult sites.
  8. A hand-made product:  Wooden tubs are made one at a time by skilled coopers – not mass produced out of plastic.
  9. Outdoor activity:  You will find yourself seeing and hearing more of the sights and sounds of nature – from the comfort of your warm and quiet outdoor tub.
  10. Rustic and traditional:  You can appreciate the beauty of the wood and the simple tub design. Tubs like this have been used for many hundreds of years.



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