Fitness and Swim spas



Why a Swim spa


The convenience of a swimming pool in your backyard, without the cost and the maintenance hassles.

Consider owning a swim spa instead!


Backyard Dreamscapes has a swim spa solution for you.

We offer 8 different Fitness/Swim spas to fit your needs. A swim spa costs a fraction of what a pool costs to operate and maintain and can be used all year round. Swim spas require none of the excavation that the average in ground pool requires. A swim spa offers many benefits, from exercise and hydro-therapy to being a great place for the family to gather. Some models even offer a separate spa area complete with individual seating. These swim spas are completely self contained, and require no outside plumbing.


Look at some of the benefits of a swimspa!


Combine the exercise and therapy of swimming and hot water in your own swim spa.
Backyard Dreamscapes offers several affordable solutions at reasonable prices. Not only can you swim all year long, you can also benefit from hydrotherapy at the same time.

We have several swimspas that cost less than what an average swimming pool would cost. Each self-contained swim spa has adjustable powerful swim jets that you swim against, that can increase the amount of exercise you get versus in a regular swimming pool. Additionally, each spa comes with seating at one end that offers the hydro-therapy massage found in stand-alone spas.

 The Forever Swimming Machine

Swimming, water jogging, aqua aerobics and resistance exercises are all great cardiovascular workouts, and they’re about as low-impact as you will find. Combine these fitness benefits of aqua massage therapy, and you’ve got the fabulous Sunbelt Swim spa. Check out theses models:

For the swimming enthusiast. An extended swim area and special swim lane features for the dedicated swimmer.
olympic-swim spa

Seats 6 in the extended spa section, with generous workout room in the swim section.
luxury-swim spa

The QX4 is the ultimate back yard machine. This Swim Spa is really three spas in one… a powerful 4 jet waterway workout machine and a 48 Hydro-Jet 5 seat Therapy Spa complete with the exclusive Sunbelt Wave Machine. These zones are separated by a clear removable wall that allows both zones to be used at the same time. Each zone is complete with its own temperature and jet settings. Remove the wall and this spa is converted into the perfect family spa.
qx4 swim spa

The Indulgence
The Indulgence is a premium swimspa that includes 52 Sunblaster jets and 49 therapy jets. Swimming is done against 3 powerful River jets that can be adjusted to meet the needs of the swimmer.

The Party Pool Swim Spa
This is the perfect swim spa for those who want the benefits of a swim/fitness spa but don’t have the space for one of the larger models. The Party Pool Swim Spa measures 12′ x 8′ x 52″ deep and has all the features you find on the larger swimspas, including Sunblaster jets, LED lighting, waterfalls, iPod docking station with pop-up speakers, and 4 swim jets. It also has a captain’s chair with 10 therapy jets and a recumbent chair with 14 therapy jets.


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